So you’ve followed the two very short and easy infographics from last week about how to evaluate your design and tech skills? It’s now time to put that info together and learn how much time it would take YOU to build a website !

If you haven’t already taken the two short quizzes, do it now, it’s free, no signup required, and will take approximately 20 seconds to complete ! Here are the links again to the infographic on How to easily evaluate your tech skills, and the one on How to easily evaluate your design skills.

Once you’ve found out what your score is for each skill, simply add the scores together, and you’ll get your final score between 2 and 6. You did it ! You now get access to our awesome infographic : how to estimate the time you’ll need to create your website.

Simply click below to download this resource. And keep your eyes open this week for upcoming goodies : we’ll be launching the worksheets on how to estimate your website’s budget !

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