That’s it, you know where you stand on your tech and design skills (if not, just take 20 seconds to read these infographics about tech and design), and you’ve added up your scores to estimate how much time you need to create your website. Well now it’s time to find out what your website is going to cost you !

Using your scores and our estimates, as well as the current value of different services, we show you in this easy to use worksheet how to calculate your budget to create a website, according to 3 scenarios :

  1. You develop you whole website yourself, from scratch.
  2. You use a website builder (we use SquareSpace as an example in our informational website calculations, and Shopify in our e-commerce website calculations).
  3. You ask a professional web designer to develop the perfect website for you.


Based on the three key values below, we’ll help you estimate how much each option will cost :

  1. Your overall score on the design and tech skills infographics (see above)
  2. The hourly value you put on your time (e.g. do you pay yourself minimum wage?)
  3. The number of years you expect to be using your website for (hint : the average is around 5-7 years before you’ll need a refresh).


Ready to calculate your budget ? You can download our two PDF versions below !


Want to be able to play around with the numbers, enter your own price per hour and scores ? Simply sign up to receive the fully modifiable excel version of the worksheet in your inbox, and start creating your website budget.

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