Developing a discrete portfolio and services site for a painter

The Challenge

This artist was looking for a discrete website, that would immediately display his artistic identity, without trying to sell or explain his art. Our challenge was to create a brand without seeming to, and subtly indicate to the visitor the strengths and particularities of this artist

The Solution

We implemented a landing page with zero text, that plunges the visitor directly into the painter’s work. We hand-picked which paintings to broadcast and how they should be assembled.

After being immersed in the artist’s full portfolio, we re-thought the order of presentation for the artwork, in a logical and succinct flow to capture and retain users’ attention and tell the artist’s story without compromising on nuance and depth.


Artistic Branding


Website Design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Logo Design

Capturing the essence

The artist is one of a select few who are allowed to copy paintings from the world renown Louvre museum, a testament to the quality of his work. The inclusion of a sketched pyramid in the logo plays the double role of subtly reminding the viewer of this quality, and connecting the Louvre’s brand reputation to that of the artist.




Categorizing is an important part of the work we do hand in hand with an artist when creating a website. Categories have to be clear to the reader, have a logical continuity, and present high quality pieces.


Developing content

From biography to artwork presentation, all is done with the artist’s requirements in mind, to remain simple and humble while showcasing talent.


This site was created in two languages, french and english, in order to be accessible to the local crowds as well as the many foreign visitors who come through the Louvre every day and get a chance to watch the artist at work.

Presenting artworks in their best light

Beautiful inserts

Using high quality images and adding frames to a few select pictures helps the viewer envision the painting as an art work hanging on the wall, and recreates a museum experience.


Context and atmosphere

The historical context which inspired the artist to paint a piece is presented next to the image, as well as a link to the original artwork, in order to further immerse the visitor in the painting’s atmosphere.


The design of this site is very subtle, in an effort to bring out the painter’s work and avoid distraction by unnecessary design and marketing efforts. The result is a very sleek and subtle site, with lots of white space and gracious fonts. We hope you enjoy it !

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