The short answer : $500 to $1,500 for a professionally designed informational or e-commerce website, without content creation (text, photos etc.). The variation in website costs depend on the size of the site, its complexity, and the number of tasks you want to include in the site creation process (content optimization for SEO, content upload, payment gateways etc.).


For the long answer, read on.


Building a website is a service, in which you ask your designer to create a product for you, and that product is a set of files called a website. In many ways, it’s exactly like building a physical product. How you build it is always a tradeoff between three resources : time, money and effort.

For example if you want to get a table, there are three ways you could go about getting one :

1.You can hire a professional to make the perfect table for you – it will fit right into the space you have, be made of the material you envisioned and have the perfect details and finish. You have a good budget, but spend next to no time or effort, and the result is amazing.

2.You can go to a furniture store and pick out a ready made item table that isn’t perfect but fits your needs. You might have to go to many different furniture stores, and you might not find what you need, but if you do you’ll have bought your table for a lower price than option 1. You have a medium budget and spend some time and effort to acquire something that may not be perfect but does the job.

3. You can learn how to make it yourself, invest the time and money necessary. The result won’t be as great as if you’d hired a professional, and chances are your first table will not be as awesome as you envisioned it, but if you keep at it, you’ll end up having the skills to build a pretty darn good home-made table.  You have a small budget but pend a considerable amount of time and effort to acquire the skills you need to create a something you wanted.


Making a website is exactly the same thing, and here’s how :


1.If you don’t want to put in the time or effort to learn more about web design or tech skills, and have a decent budget ($500-$1,500), then you can hire a professional web designer to make your website. It will be perfect in every way, and you won’t spend much time, or put much effort into it. Pick this option : if you’ve got a busy schedule and earn more than minimum wage on average. Don’t spend 100+ hours on learning how to code, or 50+ hours learning how to make an out-of-the-box site to save on a $500-$1,500 budget. Learning design and tech skills is just an inefficient use of your time. If you’re paid $50/hour, working 10 hours will buy you a $500 professional website. We’re ready to hear from you !

2.If you don’t want to invest $500-$1,500 in your website, but are willing to take the time and put in the effort to learn new skills, then you could start off with a website template. A website template is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a ready made design to which you add pages, posts, images etc. If you’re really new in the web design scene, we recommend starting off with a Weebly site. We’ve tried all builders and this one is definitely the easiest to understand. And if you’re looking to create an online shop, then we recommend trying out Shopify. Pick this option : if you’ve got 50+ hours of spare time and a $15-$20 budget per month, some affinity with tech (wink wink millennials), and don’t mind starting off with a functional but less than perfect website, and improving on it as you go. 

3. If you have no budget, and have the time to take up a new hobby, then you could go all out and build your website from scratch. Learn to code, learn to use a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress. Take courses online with Pluralsight for example (get 3 months of free courses by signing up to a free Visual Studio account), learn how hosting works, the rules of design, learn css, html and javascript, start using Photoshop for your images, there’s so much to do ! But it’s an amazing journey, and we feel super grateful to have been a part of it. In fact we’re looking into creating a short step by step course on how to become a web designer… If that’s something you’re interested in, leave us a comment below ! Pick this option : if web design means more to you than just creating a website, it’s an investment. You want to become a web designer, or maybe freelance on the side.  


That’s pretty much all there is to it ! If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re ready to start creating your website, read this article : “9 questions we ask all out clients in preliminary strategy sessions“. It will help you define your project and goals.

Talk soon !

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