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Web Analytics

Measuring performance and customer engagement

What is web analytics ?


Whereas SEO concentrates on driving traffic to your website thanks to a higher ranking on search engines, web analytics measures your site and products’ performance once your viewers are on your website. Thanks to web analytics, you can determine who your audience is and analyse their behavior once they’ve arrived on your landing page. Does your site have a high bounce rate, indicating that visitors cannot or do not find the content they’re looking for ? Is your target audience considerably younger or older than you expected ? How will that affect the development of your product or brand ? Web analytics is a key tool in developing you business and marketing strategy, as well as in assessing the most successful articles, products, pages that you can reproduce to increase your success.

Tracking progress

Tracking progress

To help you get used to analytics, we will introduce them early on in the development process. Once your site is live we will start analyzing your first results to develop their meaning and define with you the key indicators that need to be followed in the future.

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Regular reports

We will create reports as regularly as needed to help you track your business’s success. These reports will be formatted and translated into business terms to maximize their usefulness. Do your customers have a high rate of exit when getting to the checkout page ? Maybe that’s due to the layout or payment options, either way we’ll help you turn that insight into an action.

Project Update !


Are you regularly receiving analytics updates and using that insight to build your business and drive traffic to your website ? Well done, you’ve now finished your project and have created an environment where you’re in control of your online success. Don’t forget to regularly take a step back to reassess your strengths and weaknesses, and remember : if you need us, we’re only a happy phone call away.


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