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Web design

Strengthening your brand image

What is web design ?


Design is the process of collecting ideas and content, and aesthetically arranging and implementing them. Web design is a similar process, where the objective is to present the results on the internet, for users to be able to access them through multiple devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Over the years, a certain number of principles have been defined and developed by designers for that specific purpose. From layout, colors, graphics and fonts, to navigation, media, cross browser compatibility, and interactivity, web design is a complex topic that is often the first step of creating a website.

The design (or redesign) of your website is a crucial stage in every project, and is marked by two key deliverables.

Wireframe example


Wireframes primarily define the information hierarchy of your design, making it easier to plan the layout according to how you want your user to process the information. Like an architectural blueprint, it is set in two-dimensional black and white diagrams and is the foundation of your site hierarchy and flow.

Design example

Visual designs

Once the wireframes are done, we move on to the visual design. That means that we pick or create the right content and media for you website, and arrange it visually to give a near perfect rendition of what your website will look like once it’s online. This is where the design of your brand identity really comes to life. Here we usually use graphic design tools such as Photoshop to create the layout, to tweak pictures, or design icons and logos if necessary.

Project Update !


Have you validated the wireframes and design mockups we’ve built ? Congratulations, you’ve already achieved 30% of the work in your project to create a successful website. Do you feel ready to move on to the next step ? Checkout how we handle web development below.


Step 2

Web development

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