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Web development

Creating unique code to fit your specific needs

What is web development ?


Web development is the process of translating visual ideas created during the web design process into code that can be read and reproduced by your browser. There are many ways to go about developing you website, but some key aspects are always kept in mind : simplicity, consistency, robustness, security, and user friendliness. Our goal is that once your website is entirely developed, you can walk away and manage it all on your own, without requiring any outside help. There are two major turning points during the web development process.


Wireframe example

Private development

We first develop your site on a private server that is not accessible to outside users. That means that only you can see your website while it’s being build, provide your input and see the progress, but you don’t have to release it to the public until it’s in perfect shape. Once this step is done, you will have 60% of your website at your fingertips !

Design example

Live and testing

There are a few crucial steps to take before bringing your site live to the internet, such as taking care of domain and hosting services, but don’t worry, we’ll guide you through them ! Once that’s taken care of, we’ll transfer your website to a live server where you can start sharing it with the world ! When your site is live, you can pat yourself on the back because that’s 70% of your project completed.

Project Update !


Do you have a domain and hosting account ? Is your website live for all your friends, family and customers to see ? Have you bragged about it a bit ? Well done then, you’ve achieved 70% of your goal of creating a successful website, keep going and check out our SEO below !


Step 3

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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