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Mathilde.B | FERNxDesign
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Creating a custom

e-commerce site for a small business

– ongoing

The Challenge

Mathilde.B is a wonderfully talented illustrator, who designs her own fabrics, has them printed and hand sewn in eusing ethical materials to crete beautiful and comfortable high quality clothing and accessories for babies. The challenge for this website was to create this magical “Alice in wonderland” world for the site users, all the while giving off a highly professional vibe.

The Solution

We tailor-made every aspect of the user experience, from the first visual encounter online through social media communication and email marketing, to the hand-drawn menu icons, opt-in pages, you name it. We created a continuity in the user flow, with a high number of breaking points for the site to make sure no user would ever drop out of the beautiful universe we fell in love with.

As we do for all our e-commerce sites, we used only top notch technology for payment gateways to ensure secure transactions, and a peace of mind for Mathilde.B and her users.

” My site perfectly captures and transcribes my universe. The accompaniement throughout the creation of the site has been very professional, and I recommend without hesitation the services of FERNxDESIGN. “

— Mathilde. B

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Corporate Branding


Website Design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

A popup site to catch subscriptions

Winning a prize

We created a game where the prize for the winner would be the first Mathilde.B product, displayed in a small frame on the site. This way we made sure to present Mathilde.B’s work to users even though the site was not yet live, and capture the mailing information of thos who liked Mathilde.B’s work in order to promote the site’s opening later on.

A glimpse of the future site

The popup site was implemented with a parallax effect : in the background, sightly hidden by a vail of opacity, users can catch a glimpse of Mathilde.B’s future site, already being driven in her universe.

Tailor design from top to bottom


From icons to dividers

Everything was carefully thought out, designed and created to create a slick and fluid site where the universe of Mathilde.B is ever present.


Undercover marketing

On top of being visually pleasant, this technique greatly reinforces brand awareness and recognition – two key marketing components – without the use of advertising.

Secure payments and customer logins

Secure payments

We used only the safest technology and payment gateways to limit transactions risks and fraud.


Client accounts and logins

Mathilde.B clients create an account whenever they make a purchase on Mathilde.B’s site. They receive secure login information they can use in the future to update their payment and delivery information, make additional purchases, and check on the status of their delivery.

Promo codes

Thanks to the site’s infrastructure, Mathilde.B can give out promo codes, that can have a time, amount or number of transaction limit (or all of those). Being able to send out these codes to target customers is a useful tool to increase upsells, or encourage repeat purchases.

Time 'till live








In the meantime .. win a prize !

While we’re still working on final site tweaks and product logistics, come check out our popup site and get a preview of what’s coming. Bonus : you can enter to win Mathilde.B’s first ever made baby body suit !

Live Project

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