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Nelson Gedalof | FERNxDesign
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Creating a web-gallery for a photographer

The Challenge

Nelson Gedalof is a talented street photographer living in Paris, who walks around the city trying to make connections within one frame, or merely enjoying being caught off-guard by everyday life. The challenge here again was to create a minimalist design that puts the light on his photography, and let their story shine through.

The Solution

Although we started off with a logo, this was later abandoned to the profit of a name only title. Every item in this website, from the low caps name to the thin font and transparent white navigation is meant to be delicate and nearly ephemeral, so the user can concentrate fully on the power of Nelson’s photography. We hope you enjoy it as we do, we cannot speak more highly of an artist.

” The services provided by FERNxDesign are of great technical expertise. Listening, available and formidably effective, they allowed me to build a custom digital photo gallery. Erected step by step, this gallery corresponds perfectly to my needs. I am very pleased and look forward to our future collaboration in establishing a promotional and development strategy. “

— Nelson Gedalof

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Categorizing is an important part of the preliminary work that has to happen before creating an artist’s website. Categories have to be clear to the reader, have a logical continuity, and present high quality pieces. We provide helpful input and an exterior point of view to the artist during this time so that the site is created with the final viewer’s experience in mind.

Unique code for best SEO

Usable code

Developed using the WordPress CMS for high usability, but with completely unique code created by our developers.


High performance SEO

We integrated our SEO tools to the unique code we created in order to create the highest performing site possible.

Time 'till award








Think about it..

We give this promising artist a year tops before receiving his first award.. We’re honored to have worked with him, and are looking forward to collaborating again. Go check out his work !

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